December 11, 2018, by Erik Larson

Attract More Businesses in 2019

Many of the economic development groups we talk with express concern over how to own their story. Examples of this include worry over numbers mistating the true size of the workforce, larger or competitor cities getting the spotlight, outdated population figures floating around – there are many variations and combinations of these themes.

We all know telling the story is important, but so are the piles of other priorities heaped on your desk. The result we often see are neglected 'Community Profile' documents, stale figures posted on websites, and sleepy GIS oriented 'data portals' that don't tell a differentiated story.

We've created an 'easy button' here at eImpact so you can attract the right businesses, beginning with owning your community's narrative as told through the numbers. Everything embeds seamlessly into your website and other marketing, so your city (or region) remains the focal point.


Attracting businesses with stories told through data

Here's a few key concepts on how to provide the right data and storyline to engage prospects.

  1. Put the area in the best light. The right data in the right context will speak for itself. Help a prospective business see what it needs to know about your area quickly, upfront. Things like comparisons to peer/competitor areas, growth trends and even forecasts are very effective.
  2. Let your audience "choose their own adventure" We've learned that educating prospects in today's world involves providing the right content at the right time. Two different businesses will likely have two different priorities in terms of data on your community. Interactivity in a constrained set of resources that were carefully assembled can achieve this, while also cutting down your time invested in RFI responses.
  3. Make the report page awesome on mobile. More than 2/3 of Americans are getting their news on mobile devices. Your community profile report should be no different. Busy executives should be able to click and look on their iPhone, and have as good or better experience than in a browser. It's about to be 2019, folks.
  4. Leverage data automation. You don't want stale content on your site, and these days it is possible to have live connections to data sources within your report that let you "set it and forget it".

    Here is a great example from our client in Arvada, CO

    Click the image below to open the site in a new window

At eImpact, we help economic development groups get more interest from prospective businesses using data as a key part of the strategy. Our solution provides everything you need, from data collection, to a beautiful online interface, which is mobile-ready.

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