August 14, 2018, by Erin Barbaro

Local Industry Cluster Reports

How to attract the firms that you want to your area.

Cities and regional planners tell us they don't just want more employers in their community or region, they want the right businesses based on the strengths of the local workforce, educational infrastructure and other key dimensions of the economy.
Knowing that skilled workforce availability is the primary concern of site selectors today, you need proof points to make your case.
Here at eImpact we have seen a dramatic uptick in interest for industry cluster reports lately.
Below are a few of the key components of a good industry cluster report, including a great example showcasing a local tech cluster.

3 Elements of a Great Industry Cluster Report

1. Combining The Right Industries

U.S. Cluster Mapping provides a great definition of clusters, and why they are meaningful:
A cluster is a regional concentration of related industries in a particular location. Clusters are a striking feature of economies, making regions uniquely competitive for jobs and private investment. They consist of companies, suppliers, and service providers, as well as government agencies and other institutions that provide specialized training and education, information, research, and technical support.
Combining the right mix of industries to provide the needed data isn't easy, however. Local variations and key strengths need to be accounted for. Cleaning and combining the data with accuracy presents additional challenges.

Source: U.S. Cluster Mapping,

2. Trends and Forecasts

Where you've been as a local industry cluster and where you are headed are key concerns of businesses. Few companies want to blaze the trail themselves, and all companies need to grow to stay competitive and profitable. Help them choose your location by making it easy with trends and forecasts.

Source: eImpact Industry Cluster Report

3. How Do You Stack Up?

If a neighboring market is bigger, how does your affordability of talent make the case? Explore growth rates of employment in the cluster: someone else may be bigger but perhaps your market is growing more quickly – an indicator of future potential. We find that the data contains a story, it just needs to be analyzed well enough to find it.

Example Industry Cluster Report

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