June 15, 2018, by Mike Reich

How To Get The Word Out On Your Impact

We were really impressed with the press and attention that our client, the Arizona Technology Council, received on its recent impact report. This Phoenix Business Journal article was one such uptake in the media – an article that was shared widley both inside and outside the industry.

Below are a few of the techniques used by AZTC to get the word out on their impact report, and track their results. We hope you find these tips useful in telling your story!

Getting The Word Out

3 Tools and Tips That Worked

1. Issue A Press Release

This is maybe an obvious step, but at the same time it is generally underutilized. AZTC put together a standard format press release, with the help of their PR firm, TechTHiNQ. You can see that release here.

2. Use Tracking Tools

It is difficult to measure your success without tracking the data. eImpact has built-in report tracking analytics to make this easy. You can track views overall, and also for specific links you assign to different campaigns.
Here is a screenshot of eImpact's report view analytics:

3. Produce An Online Version of Report

With hardcopies and PDFs you are really limited in your distribution and viwer engagement. An online, interactive version of the report can be shared on social media and generally will reach a wider audience.

Here is the Arizona Tech Impact Report by eImpact

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