May 7, 2018, by Erin Barbaro

Using Data to Court Tech Giant to Arizona

We live for these moments here at eImpact. A recent client, the Arizona Technology Council, learned that a large tech firm was considering Arizona for their corporate expansion.

ATC needed to put its best foot forward while addressing many key questions, from availability of trained workforce, to wage rates, to real estate. With multiple states competiting, the main concern for ATC was how to make Arizona stand out amongst the crowd?

Happily, ATC had just completed a Tech Industry State Profile report with eImpact, so responding to the opportunity was fast. They simply shared a direct link to the report and let the data do the talking.

He who owns the data has the leverage.
Steve Zylstra, CEO
Arizona Technology Council

Below are some of the key ways in which ATC's report helped them maximize their chances of succeeding.

Recruiting Businesses with Data

3 Key Elements

1. Timeliness of Information

Static reports are a rearview mirror. Industry data may be a year old or more by the time a report is published, making its value diminish rapidly from the get-go. Almost like an automobile that depreciates the moment it leaves the lot. With eImpact, ATC has auto-updates on all of the data within the State Profile report. This draws in current period information so each time the report is viewed online, it is up-to-date.

2. Interactivity

It is impossible to predict what matters most to decision-makers at a company, large or small. eImpact let ATC include drill-down data charts and other visualizations, so viewers can explore what matters to them. Interactivity has also been shown improve the uptake of information compared to static documents.

3. Track and Engage!

New report view analytics in eImpact let you track views based on specific email address. ATC was able to see when and how often the company was viewing the information. A well-timed followup call is priceless – eImpact takes the guess work out of this.

The Report

Here is the report on the Arizona Technology Industry published by the Arizona Technology Council. Explore around!

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