June 15, 2017, by Erik Larson

Member Recruitment and Retention - A New Angle

Let's assume you are already employing best practices around member retention and recruitment, or at least you are on the path to doing so. That being the case, you are engaging members with a regular cadence to maintain your base of membership revenue (remember, the cost of retaining a member is a small fraction of the cost of finding a new one). As for attracting new members, you and your team do regular outreach and use both live events and lighter touch methods, such as email campaigns, to attract new blood.

Are you hitting your goals? Is your board happy with the results?

The reality is there are few rocks left unturned, other than putting in more heavy-lifting. Discovering new ways to add value for members, and catch the eye of new prospects, is rare – generally precipitated by new technologies or radical new methodologies.

This is one of those rare moments.

A New Angle to Growing Membership

Become the trusted source of industry data.

These days the value your industry adds to the economy is your principal currency. How many jobs do you create? How do your member companies support families and provide living-wage incomes? This messaging carries weight with policy-makers, the media and even the general public.

Develop a cadence of issue-focused fact sheets.

Many industries face ongoing regulatory and policy challenges. At the same time, new opportunities arise over time that could significantly boost business for your members. Whether positive or negative, these issues and opportunities deserve your focus – more importantly, you need to show members that you are not only at the table, but leading the discussion.

Offer new sponsorship opportunities.

Companies, especially service providers catering to your membership, are hungry for brand exposure. You can only hold so many events, and you are likely already at your max on this front. By offering sponsored reports you open up new brand exposure opportunities for members and create a new revenue source for your association.

How do you do all of this?

eImpact Report can help.

The best illustration of how eImpact Report gives you a turn-key solution to adding new member value is through an actual example.

The example report below, from the National Association of Minority Contractors - Oregon, helped them accomplish three strategic outcomes:

  1. Provide new data and insights for members. Hungry for information on their membership's market share of the industry, NAMC provided a clear quantification of key industry metrics. This was something that had been talked about for some time, but previously was out of reach due to the burden of cost and staff focus. eImpact Report delivered it all within budget, in under 2 weeks, with minimal staff involvement.
  2. Create new opportunities for member companies. Armed with the right data and narrative, NAMC was able to boost their advocacy with local agencies and policy-makers. This resulted in new business opportunities for member businesses and helped move the needle on market share overall.
  3. Boost online presence. Put simply, NAMC's website evolved from a fairly standard web presence to an important source of data on employment, economic output and industry metrics.

With eImpact Report you can become your industry's voice. We give you a turn-key solution to make it happen faster.

Your industry. Your economic impact.

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