May 31, 2017, by Erik Larson

Release Announcement

Drive Outcomes with Scenario Planner

When a policy change impacting your industry gets proposed you are on the hook to respond and make your case. As the debate gets noisier, the challenge in making your position visible gets harder. Armed only with talking points, your ability to influence is limited.

While the rest of the crowd clamors for airtime, imagine if your organization showed up to the debate with the ability to quantitatively communicate the impact of complex policy or budget issues?

Good news – eImpact did that imagining for you and built a complete solution to help you drive policy outcomes by quantifying and simplifying the whole scenario.

Introducing Scenario Planner

  • Increase visibility for your association on key issues
  • Enhance stakeholder understanding of different scenarios
  • Ensure your policy message stands out

See it in action

Here is an example of Scenario Planner in action from the Oregon Business Council:


  • Interactive selection of different scenarios showing quantitative impacts
  • Easy-to-use ‘wizard’ interface guides users of any knowledge level
  • Simple to update with new numbers and options at any time
  • Sharing tools to embed in press articles or share via social media

Use Cases

  • Present budget deficit reduction and growth scenarios
  • Demonstrate the variable impacts of tax policies
  • Show the potential impacts of budget cuts on key industries
  • Compare the cost/benefits of regulatory policies

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