April 28, 2017, by Erik Larson

Make Your Jobs Story Local

As the U.S. continues its rebound from the Great Recession, great economic disparaties exist among different communities. Many rural areas, for example, have not experienced the same rebound in growth as their urban neighbors.

Residents of these less fortunate communities are making their voices heard, demanding policies that support adding jobs across sectors ranging from manufacturing to construction. To be sure, legislators are paying attention – industries demonstrating their potential to bring living-wage jobs have the ear of policymakers in state and federal arenas. Telling an effective jobs story boosts your association's impact and influence.

The Components of a Local Jobs Story

What jobs and wages does your industry contribute to the community?

Jobs and wage data exist to help you quantify this portion of your story. Perhaps the most important component of the overall narrative, it is powerful to show at a local level (e.g. county) and also rolled up into the total by congressional district. The congressional district part gets tricky, as public data sources do not do this conveniently for you.

Here is an example of a effective, local jobs story:

How will specific policies impact jobs at the local level?

Whether a pending tax, regulation or new economic stimulus, be ready to show the impact on local economies, positive or negative, of the top policy issues. This component delivers high value-add for your association's members by showing you have taken an proactive approach to getting in front of the issues.

This wage breakdown by county enables you to tell the local impact, quantified by county:

What is the human element of the story?

Data is great, and we need it to be credible, but stories need to appeal to human emotion to be effective. Including specific company stories, images of real folks, and other qualitative elements are essential to creating a moving story that will impact and influence your audience.

This is a great example of an equity perspective of an industry:

With eImpact Report you can tell your industry jobs story at the local level, and increase your impact and influence.

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