April 7, 2017, by Erik Larson

eImpact Launches New District Level Data

In order to have impact and influence with policymakers, whether at the state or federal level, you need to speak to issues that affect their voters. Afterall, they are public servants charged with representing the interests of these citizens.

With eImpact's new congressional and state legislative district data you'll be able to tell the economic impact story your representative cares about, and tailor your message for each audience you meet with.

Boost your impact with Congressional leaders

With the eImpact Report now you can hone your message to demonstrate your industry impact in your Congressman's own backyard. With the new Congressional District data and analysis features you can relate narratives such as:

  1. How is our industry impacting new job creation in the District?
  2. How will a proposed policy change impact workers and companies in the District?
  3. How many companies are doing business here, and what is growth like over time?
For U.S. Congressional Districts, the new release will allow you to quantify jobs, firms and output indicators for every industry. You will be able to show current period information, updated for you automatically with the latest data each quarter from the government sources eImpact collects.

Take your advocacy with State Representatives to the next level

Now you can deliver quantified, localized impact messages to every State Representative in your state. Get the most out of every opportunity you have to advocate with state legislators:

  1. Which legislative district will be most impacted by a policy?
  2. What are the wages in your industry for workers within a given district?
  3. What does the industry generate in state and local taxes?
    This works equally well for policies you are promoting, as it does when you're on the defensive. Working with eImpact's team of experts, we'll help get the data, analysis and narrative together to have maximum impact and influence.

This is an example of the kinds of data and visualizations you can quickly tailor down to Congressional and Legislative District levels

With eImpact Report you become the definitive voice for your industry. With Congressional District and State Representative District data, your message will resonante even further.

Your industry. Your economic impact.

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