January 31, 2017, by Erik Larson

3 Best Practices for Communicating Your Industry's Impact

Staying on top of economic data that conveys your industry's job growth, contribution to the economy and impact on tax revenues is critical to your industry narrative. Whether you are taking this message to legislatures or broadcasting to your membership and the public, it is more important than ever to nail your message. Using current information boosts your credibility and gives urgency to your call-to-action.

The problem is, how can you and your association consistently and effectively collect, report and communicate economic impact with limited staff and resources?

Forward-thinking industry associations are navigating this new landscape with proactive strategies that utilize automated data collection and tailored visualizations to ensure they don’t miss out on key opportunities to show their economic impact.

Here is how they are doing it:

  1. Automation: Staying current on economic impact data for job creation, wages, payroll contribution and other key metrics across your entire market can be challenging. With new data being published each month or quarter the challenge becomes even more overwhelming. Successful associations are using technology to gather, analyze and automate data on their industry they have deemed vital to their organization – saving them time.

  2. Visualization: Using data visualizations to create engaging narratives for legislators, members and other stakeholders communicates your message in ways traditional methods cannot. Using visual insights such as trends in wages, year-over-year employment and geographic concentration of businesses show your audience a living picture of your industry. This gets you beyond stale reports that sit on shelves. Additionally, these visualations can be tailored to show how supportive policies can be translated directly into economic growth.

  3. Reporting: Creating issue-specific reports is a constant challenge for any government affairs team. Getting these reports communicated and distributed widely is even more daunting. In order to nail that next lobbying event or get time-sensitive communications to members you need an agile solution to do this job effeciently. By using online report building tools you can tailor reports to specific issues and increase your reach. Embed the report in your website, share it on social media or print it to take to a meeting - the power is in your hands.

With eImpact Report, you can get ahead of the curve and create an agile, data-driven advocacy and communication strategy.

Here's a real example in the technology sector:

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