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In today’s market, qualified Data Analysts are expensive, hard to find, and hard to retain. Our Data Concierge Service can help to solve your data and research needs quickly, with minimal staff burden and low commitment. We bring a team of data experts to bear on your problems, working in 2 week cycles to ensure maximum flexibility and output.

Most effective uses:

  • Starting a new reporting initiative without hiring additional staff.
  • Tackling a lingering data analysis outside of your expertise.
  • Responding to issues faster than hiring traditional consultants.
  • Performing time-consuming data collection such as member surveys.

How it works:

1. Tell us what you need

Our team of experts will help define and scope a solution.

2. Buy services in 2 week cycles.

We will deliver the outcomes you require for the project.

3. Cancel or continue as needed.

Only 1 week notice required.

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See how this business association got essential insights into their members and industry, and a new way to tell their story.

customers use data concierge services to:

Generate custom reports.

Some data and research challenges simply exceed your team's capacity. We hear this from small and large organizations alike. eImpact's experts excel at quickly accessing and analyzing data, generating insights, and packaging deliverables in professional, interactive formats.

Collect essential data.

Surveys and other forms of primary data collection are very time consuming, yet essential to many research and reporting projects. eImpact uses a combination of technology and elbow grease to tackle data collection every day on behalf of clients.

Create web-based data centers.

Many of our clients provide their stakeholders with website access to data, whether demographic, economic or other research. Maintaining these sites often falls off the to-do list, leading to stale data. eImpact can help you set up a fully automated data center for your site, quickly.

Tackle the odd job.

The world is big and full of surprises. Sometimes we act as a "data SWAT team" to jump in on thorny issues or other situations where you need to deliver.

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