November 15, 2018, by Erik Larson

Developer 'Teaser' Helps You Generate Interest

Paint the picture of potential and possibility with the right data and polish.

It's always great when your clients push you to get better and better. In fact, we count on them for this. That's why it came as no surprise when a client need for promoting their new development site turned into one of our fastest growing report products: the developer "teaser" :)

You can use the teaser report as a marketing asset to generate interest, and create inbound leads. Embed the report on your website to quickly show how your site holds potential for a profitable return. It's a conversation starter, more than anything.

Below is a quick outline of the types of things we include in the developer teaser; we tailor these to your specific site and community profile to make them really sing.

The Developer "Teaser": Key Data Inputs

1. ACCURATE LEASE RATES: the rents you can fetch

We help you pull accurate and up-to-date average lease and vacancy rate data to feature upfront. Why make a propsective developer do a bunch of research to see if they want to explore further? We provide links direct to our sources so your audience will have confidence in the numbers.

2. RELEVANT DEMOGRAPHICS: tailored community profile

Depending on the development type (e.g. office, mixed-use, retail, apartments), your audience of developers will need different demographic information. This is a must-have, and includes inputs such as median age, median income, top local industries, among many other potential data points.

3. ACCESS and INFRASTRUCTURE: enabling physical attributes

Top level, does the area support the commute patterns, logistics and long-distance travel that the development may require? Once again, we are looking for enough information for the developer to generate good next-level questions – the real indicator of interest!

A Live Example

Check out this example to get a feel for how eImpact delivers dynamic data "teasers". Scroll the frame to view the whole report.

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